What’s Your Name?

I get a number of questions about my very unique name. It came from my mother’s family and is her name, Lura L. Wharton, my Great-grandmother’s name, Mabel Lura Warner, and my great-great aunt’s name, Lura Williams. Lura is an Irish name.

People often ask me to repeat my name and then they ask me how to spell it. I tell them it is like the Irish Lullaby To-ra, Lo-ra. The song is on Kenny Logins CD-Return to Pooh Corner.

I don’t always notice when people mispronounce my name. But one day a number of us were standing around and someone called me Laura. One of my friends corrected him and his comment was, “Oh, I thought she had a speech impediment and couldn’t pronounce her own name!” That is a true story!

My father gave me my middle name Marie as well as our Lithuanian last name Kaval. Both of my sets of Great Grandparents where born in Lithuania. When they moved to the United States they shorted our name from Kovarskis to Kaval pronounced Cavel like naval.

When you have an unusual name, you don’t get license plates for your bike or coffee cups with your name on it, but there are some advantages! I have never been in a group or met anyone (besides my mom and great-grandma) who has had MY name!