Mother Who?

Women priests who have served in Traditional Episcopal churches have been placed in a difficult dilemma. When people ask them, “What should we call you? We call our male priests, Father, but Mothers are usually nuns.”

Calling me Lura was fine, but parents weren’t comfortable with their children using my first name. When I went to Honduras in 1998 they called me Padras (female form of father) that didn’t catch on back home, although I was told that the kids thought of the Star Wars Pods when they called me Padras, which some folks thought was a good fit.

In 1999 I was serving in a more Traditional congregation where I had the opportunity to chant the Eucharist on Sundays. I love to sing. When I sing, especially in church, there are times when it feels like the sound comes from my toes, and that definitely feeds my soul.

Maggie, the church administrator, said, “Hey, you have heard of Ginger Spice, and Baby Spice and now we have heard Mother Spice.” I said, “Mother Spice?” So I called a couple of my friends and they said, “We think it really fits. Mother Spice is traditional and yet not stuffy, modern and yet reverent!”

In 2012 they have many Reverendas, female priests, is Honduras. Holding onto and lifting up the traditions of the Episcopal Church is important to me, but I want to be able to do this with joy and celebration.

So Mother Spice works for me.