Email from the dead or an angel message?

The last couple of weeks at work have been very difficult. Today I sat at my desk and prayed because I felt like I was drowning. When I was finished I returned to my emails to find an email from my stepfather. The subject line said “I GUESS NOW I CAN SHOW YOU.”

My step-father Roy Gillim died three years ago. I never have received a spam email from him before. To top it off the text said, “What is better than coffee?” He loved coffee.  He bought me my first Keurig coffee maker. It was our thing.I give thanks that this is one of the amazing ways that God works in my life.

 I am grateful and comforted knowing that Roy is still watching out for me and still cheering me on. For the rest of the day LOVE kept me a float.


Roy D. Gillim

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