From HOPE to Development

My trip to Honduras in May was initiated by Bishop Allen’s invitation to attend the diocese of Honduras Convention and the Honduras Hope board meeting. Honduras Hope is a non-profit, that supports and facilitates organizations, churches and individuals in their ministry in the Diocese of Honduras.   It had come to their attention that there was also another organization in Honduras using the name Honduras Hope which has caused some confusion as well as difficulty with a web address.  During our meetings this week the board changed their name and clarified their mission and vision statements.

OLD NAME:             Honduras Hope

NEW NAME:            Honduras Development Network

The Honduras Development Network exists to encourage and support the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras to be faithful to the Good News of Jesus Christ, as she bares witness to the people of Honduras and the world.

The vision of Honduras Development Network is to encourage and support the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras in becoming spiritually vibrant, economically self-sufficient, socially just and environmentally responsible.

We do this by

  • o Developing, Encouraging and Facilitating, partnerships between the North American and Honduran churches.
  • o Supporting the operations of the Diocese of Honduras as it moves to self-sufficiency
  • o Funding local church initiatives that support the long-range vision of the diocese.
  • o Identifying and Networking gifts and needs of both NA and HN to fulfill God’s mission in Honduras.

I really enjoyed my time with the board of directors of Honduras Development Network.  Their work is vital as The Diocese of Honduras works toward self-sustanibility by 2019.

The translation of the new name  into Spanish is Red de Desarrollo de Honduras, so they will use red in their new logo.  I think they should go with the nickname “Big Red” like the chewing gum.  Why?  Because Big Red gum is snappy and full of flavor which fits the board’s personality.  For more information watch for their web page



On Tuesday evening Bishop Allen took the Finance staff  and committee along with the board of Honduran Development Network out to dinner.

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