Walking in the footsteps of Paul

May 25, 2010 1:30pm in Turkey 6:30am in the US.

I am in my hotel room in Ankara Turkey!  It was a good thing that I spent the night in NY, because American Airlines had really messed up my Turkish Air tickets and it took me all most three hours to get it straightened out before I left.

On the trip from Istanbul to Ankara the geography started out with the densely populated city, we flew over water, with a ton of freighters, to farmland and then to mountains.  Most of the population is clustered together in valleys. The roads are not very straight!  It looked like they were doing some strip mining.  I wondered if it could be copper because part of the area was tainted green?

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. The airport is beautiful modern glass building.  But we were the only plane and people in the place.  It was a long ride from the airport to the hotel.  The “suburbs” near the airport had a lot of apartment/condo buildings.  Some of the buildings had beautiful mosaic tile work.  Overall the city is well kept. As we got more into the business district it reminded me of New York City, or Porto Rico with venders on the streets and lots of people.  Gas is 2.20 a liter.  Most people drive small cars and the busses were full to overflowing.  The people dress more formally here. The cab driver had on a blue oxford shirt, grey slacks and he had a blue blazer in the back seat.  People on the plane had on suits and ties.  I like that.


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