New Life on Mother’s Day

Padre Majio and Madre Spice welcome the newly baptized

Over the years Mother’s Day has been one of the highest and lowest times for me.  My stepchildren have always been and continue to be a great sense of pride and joy in my life.   I loved being called, grandma or GiGi some of them call me Madre, which I truly adore.

Especially here in Latin America people are surprised to learn that I don’t have any biological children.  Just as I knew, at the early age of fourteen, that I was called to be a priest, I knew at an even younger age that I was not call to bear children.  The blessing is that I have never had any regrets.

The other side of the coin is that I have more children than I could have ever possibly imagined.   I have been told on more than one occasion, you have an amazing ability to connect with children. We seem to connect at the heart.

Today, I had the honor of baptizing three young people.  I take this privilege seriously and leave a piece of my heart behind knowing that I will not watch them grown up in Christ.

After I explain about my wonderful family, the question is asked, You don’t have any children of your own?  I respond, I have many wonderful children, given to me by God, in the church.  Today three young people got very wet and began a new life.  It is a day, I hope, they will never forget; I know I won’t.  What a wonderful Mother’s day gift for me.


  1. RedWrites says:

    Reading this reminds me of the day you Baptized my TriGirl at her very first Easter Vigil. Such an amazing time and I think about it every year at the vigil. XOXO

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